10.08.19Simon Drew

Mr. Morales,

Just a quick note to say how much your drumming has influenced me through the years. I find that whenever I listen to SG's "Point of View" I can identify various licks and grooves I fit into my own drumming that stem from your work on that album. Your precision, particularly on tracks like "Fairweather" or "Riverwalk" never overshadows the heart your drumming shows, and that beautiful swing-four ride pattern in the former always is an inspiration for precision pocket playing for me.

Warm regards,

Simon Drew

05.02.19Jim Mackraz

Hi there. Did you play on "Secret Sauce" by Sky King? If so, nice licks (for a young dude). If not, have a good day.

09.12.11Nick Potito

Richie: When I gave you that drum pad so long ago I knew you would be one of the best. Love, Uncle Nick